Istanbul: Day 3

Seoul Jeong Restaurant - hangover food
Topkapi Palace (20 TL)
Grand Bazaar

The previous night of dancing and drinking left us craving some comfort food (a.k.a. Korean) so we found a Korean restaurant within walking distance of our hotel. I had ramen, which was so good and hit the spot, while D had yukaejang, which was also really good. The food was actually authentic and we enjoyed it immensely and it definitely cured our hangovers.

Topkapi Palace is incredible. Yes, it costs money, but there's a lot to see and we spent about 4 hours walking around looking at all of the buildings and exhibits. Some places don't allow photography though, so beware.

outside the palace
Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace
beautiful mosaics
The Grand Bazaar was an interesting experience. The people manning the stalls can be incredibly aggressive, sexist, and racist. Some men made kissing sounds in my ear as I walked by, yelled things in Japanese (despite my angry yells that "I SPEAK ENGLISH!"), and tried desperately to sell me things I didn't want. Despite that, it was fun to meander around the maze-like setup of the bazaar and to look at all of the fun things for sale.