48 Hours in Ithaca

A few weeks ago, I drove up to Ithaca with my friend D because she was asked to come back and give a talk to a group of art students about her career trajectory and experiences in school. It was a lovely couple of days that made me extremely nostalgic for school, especially because the weather was a little bit harsh. Since graduating, I've only been back to Cornell during more pleasant weather and that wasn't really true to my experience during school. So, to trudge through a little snow and feel accosted by the wind was admittedly heartwarming and gave me the sentimental tingles.
It seems that lately, I've only been dragging my nice camera with me on more full-on trips and for little stints like this, I prefer sharing my phone snaps. It's just more convenient and also fits the vibe of the trip more.

We kept the visit pretty low-key. There was some minor walking around campus, we got a meal at a dining hall, I got my favorite cajun fries from Louie's Lunch (which is a food truck), I picked up a few goodies at the Cornell Store, we did some vintage shopping in The Commons, shoveled snow, climbed hills, admired the gorges, and soaked in all of the Instagram porn that we didn't know was Instagram porn when we first encountered it because Instagram was created years after we graduated. We also wandered around some of the new buildings (namely Klarman Hall) and some of my favorite libraries (that I liked for the ambiance, not necessarily because I studied there).

It was a fun time and I really miss being young and in school though if I had to do it again, I don't think I could. It was really hard work and I don't have that kind of energy left in me.