Comfy Airplane Outfits

I got back from holiday a few weeks ago and it is the most depressing feeling ever to have to go to work and not have my awesome Greek island trip to look forward to anymore; although, I can now look forward to Iceland in November. Everyone has been commenting to me that it seems like I'm always on vacation and I've been replying, "I wish!" Admittedly, I have done quite a bit of traveling the past decade of my life, though a good portion of that is due to work and that's not really leisurely.

I've flown on airplanes enough now - I hopped around four flights this past vacation - that I have some "uniforms" that I'll throw on depending on the occasion. I also have some major rules that I like to follow to make my time at the airport and on the airplane as easy as possible.
And I thought it would be nice to talk about comfy clothes and traveling a bit more before I have to whack myself back into reality.

Top 5 Rules:
  1. Wear comfortable undergarments. This is definitely my number one rule. Wear your most comfortable bra and easiest underpants, which for me is a soft, squishy, wireless bralette and a pair of soft modal bottoms.
  2. Wear comfortable clothing. Don't opt for your tightest trousers or shirts with itchy tags. At the same time, make it a goal not to look like a complete slob. I've been told that I look like a chic hobo in the past - because I tend to layer and finish off an outfit with an extremely oversized sweater - but I do my best to lean on the "chic" part.
  3. Wear layers and "transitional" clothing. I have some examples of outfits I might wear going from one climate to the next below to make it easy to transition - since it sucks to show up in Hawaii wearing a wool sweater; it's prudent to wear layers. In general, airplanes tend to be pretty chilly, but only once it's up in the air. While it's still on the ground, there's a chance you'll be sweltering whilst waiting for everyone to board and it's nice to be able to peel off a layer or two to help cool down. Plus, you don't know what the airport temperatures will be like. (I've been in airports in the Caribbean without air conditioning, which can be likened to torture.
  4. Wear items that will make going through security a breeze. This includes (but is not limited to) slip on shoes, nothing with too many buttons or zippers, and no jewelry.
  5. Bring some cozy socks to throw on once you've boarded. I like to kick off my shoes for maximum comfort and then chuck on fluffy aloe-infused socks. It keeps my toes toasty from the frigid airplane air and also makes me feel more at home. (But, remember to put on some shoes before you hit the loo, unless you want to coat your socks in disgusting toilet germs which will subsequently end up in your luggage.)
Cold to Warm: cropped trousers + tank + tee + sweater
I like the idea of looking a bit bundled by wearing trousers and a sweater to the airport. But when you arrive at your destination, you can peel off the sweater and tada! You're ready for your tropical trip. I particularly like loose, baggy culottes because the extra material somehow keeps me warmer when I'm seated on the airplane, but they're swingy and breezy when I'm walking around the beach.
Warm to Cold: sleeveless maxi dress + knit sweater
If you're just finishing up your tropical trip and you're heading home, maxi dresses are great because they'll keep you cool while you're still on the island but once you're on the airplane and dealing with the freezing air-con, you can throw on a sweater and feel cozy again. Plus, if you're super chilly, you can easily throw on a pair of leggings underneath the dress for some added warmth.
Cold to Cold: long sleeve tee + warm leggings + long sweater
This one's an easy one - just bundle up because you'll be cold in your departure city, cold on the airplane, and cold at your destination. The key here though, is to have some layers. The sweater can be put on or taken off with temperature fluctuations.
Warm to Warm: tee + shorts + sweatshirt + blanket scarf
The tee and shorts is obvious, but like I said, air-con at the airport and on the airplane may leave you feeling chilly so it's nice to have a sweater to throw on to warm up your arms and a blanket scarf to wrap around your legs.
As far as shoes are concerned, I like easy slip-on trainers or easy slip-on sandals. Either way, I tend to kick them off on the plane anyway and throw on some cozy socks. But, because they're easy to throw back on, it's not a struggle when I want to get up to use the loo or stretch my legs.
Frankly, I'm kind of sad because I'm done with my summer holiday recap but now I get to start thinking about my autumn holiday comfy airplane outfit now!