48 Hours in Mykonos: Last Bits & Video Diary

I probably could have jammed these last bits of Mykonos into yesterday's post but it was just so long and photo heavy, I didn't want to overload too much in one go. So, we'll just keep today's post really low-key and short and sweet.
Our flight out of Mykonos was at 14:00 so we decided to spend our morning just relaxing by the pool. We grabbed breakfast and then changed into our swimmies and chose the best sunloungers. For me, that was one in shade so I could read Harry Potter from my iPad since I was already super tan from our beach day. M chose one in full sun to grab a few more rays before we left Greece.

The morning was lovely and peaceful, except for the occasional squawking bird, with an amazing breeze that blew in every so often. I can 100% understand why windmills were a thing here because it gets so windy.
After we'd had enough sun, we carefully packed up our things, including our precious souvenirs from Anamnesia, and we were cracking to go. We had to squeeze everything into one luggage each, thanks go Easyjet's stingy rules, but it wasn't a big deal for us since we are notoriously low-maintenance packers.
See? Nice and tidy.
Our hotel took us to the airport (via a free transfer) which was a quick five minute ride.
Going through security was rather quick and once we passed through, we grabbed some pizzas for lunch. They weren't the most glamorous, but they were actually quite good and topped with Greek ingredients, including olives and feta.
Our flight was delayed by an hour because it wasn't allowed to take off from its starting point since Mykonos airport was so busy. It was similar to the problem we experienced in Santorini except we were on the receiving end. So, we killed time by reading HP and admiring the passport stamps we'd accumulated thus far.
Once we finally boarded, I was happy to be seated in the window seat. I got some lovely final glimpses of the island before we reached peak altitude.
I absolutely love the turquoise bits of shallow sea.
That was it for our Greek isle adventures. It was so amazing and even though I wish we could have stayed longer and done a bit more, I'm 100% satisfied with what we managed to squeeze in and I think we basically saw everything we wanted to see.

And here's my Mykonos video diary: