Ramapo Reservation

I'm so happy it's summer! So currently, I'm in Florida for a long weekend just to enjoy the beach and snorkel and relax. My last holiday was a long weekend in Arizona, which was similar in that it was a pretty active trip but pretty different in terms of climate and the specific activities we enjoyed.

The trip was somewhat impromptu in that we booked it on a whim and only three weeks out. I guess I didn't really give much thought to the fact that I'd have to be parading around in a swimsuit without any prep time. So, I decided I needed to hurry up and at least try to get somewhat in shape and that our usual weekend hikes just wouldn't cut it.

So, we filled a backpack with water bottles and some snacks and made the drive out to the Ramapo Reservation. I'd read about how extensive the trails were and how dog-friendly it was and I was immediately sold.
Even though it's a 20 minute drive (compared to our usual hike which is just 5 minutes away), it turned out to be completely worthwhile. We all had a blast.
There are several trails that vary in difficulty. We opted for the silver trail, which lead us straight up to the MacMillan Reservoir, which is the best swimming spot for pups.
Everyone was on the same page that day; the weather was gorgeous so the park was full of hikers, fishermen, and even people doing yoga.
GM wasn't quite confident enough to go for a swim in the reservoir just yet. However, he did dip his feet in and submerge himself. I think with a few more visits, he'll be great.
And, just because I think swimming puppies are so great, I made another little video with the handful of clips I managed to capture. I hope you enjoy!
Edited to add:
The following weekend, he actually learned to fetch in the water and then a few weekends later, he actually dove in and went for a swim. I think the key was that there were no other dogs there so he wasn't intimidated at all or nervous about maybe getting pummeled by a big dog and drowning.
A video posted by ra¢h 💋 (@racheerachh) on

A video posted by ra¢h 💋 (@racheerachh) on