48 hours in PA: Day 2

We got home pretty late after star gazing so Day 2 started out a little later so we could sleep in a little. By "a little" I really mean "a little" because we were up and at 'em by 8. We had plans to visit some more waterfalls so we ate a hearty breakfast to fuel up.
It was another hot day so we filled a cooler with ice, packed a bunch of water bottles, and also packed a little picnic lunch.

This trail was also one I'd label moderate because of the rough terrain. It was about 2 miles to the falls and there were plenty of steep climbs to get our hearts racing.
The Loyalsock Trail continues up the mountain, so we had to keep our eyes peeled for this little marker pointing us towards the falls. There were blue trail markers to help us get the rest of the way there. The trail towards the falls was a bit slippery, due to the bed of dried leaves, so we were extra careful climbing down.
I couldn't take a decent shot of the falls because the trees were so dense. And, we were way too tired and burnt out to make the steep, steep climb down to the bottom of the falls. But, let me assure you that they were beautiful and again, we enjoyed the breeze and the natural air-conditioning created by the falls.
We all got a little nervous with GM exploring the top of the falls. He slipped at one point and scared the crap out of us so badly we yelled at him to come back. He actually did really well on the hikes. We let him off leash the whole time, only calling him back when we ran into other hikers (which was a rare occurrence) and he was a total champ. He's becoming much better behaved as he ages.
We were starving after our hike to Angel Falls so we headed to Dry Run Falls to make a picnic. I'd read that there were picnic tables and grills. We didn't make use of the grills, but we made use of the one picnic table set up right next to the falls. We had grownup "lunchables" - basically just crackers with cheese and spicy pepperoni and salami - and watermelon, kiwi, and puffed rice cakes.
On a side note, all of the driving in the countryside left my car looking rather disgusting.
Anyway, nasty bugs aside, the falls were gorgeous and flowing. It was a lovely spot to have lunch. The only con, which I guess is also kind of a positive, is that there's only one table. So, we saw several cars slow down to see the falls and then drive away, probably because we were occupying the table. This just meant we had the falls to ourselves, which was great, but that's just because we had good timing. Had there been another group already set up, we would've been the ones that would've had to wait for the table to free up.
After our picnic, we headed back to our hotel. We washed the grime of the day off of us and then we all passed out for a nap, which makes sense considering our grueling hike. We got up to have a dinner made up of leftovers and then went to bed. I fell asleep watching an SVU marathon.
The next morning, we ate breakfast, packed up our things, and got back on the road. We did hit a traffic jam here and there, namely at The Crossings shopping outlet, but other than that, it was smooth sailing. We arrived home feeling refreshed and happy.

For your convenience, I wanted to share a map of the spots we visited, plus a few extra spots places we didn't get to:

And, for your fun (or maybe just my fun) I put together a little video: