Summer Holiday Planning

My sister and I got itchy feet recently. Neither of us had had a real break in a while and since our trip to Greece is still months away, we decided to make a long weekend in Florida. Why Florida? Well, flights are cheap ($190 round trip per person), there's decent snorkeling, and no mobile roaming charges.

We're also planning on heading to Pennsylvania for a few days with our dog for Memorial Day weekend. We're planning on lots of hiking and hopefully we'll manage to do some stargazing, as that was kind of my whole reason for choosing PA in the first place.
As I've mentioned time and time again, planning the trip is 40% of the fun for me.

I really enjoy googling and tripadvisoring and pinteresting to find cool activities and delicious eateries and to confirm that the hotels I'm picking are worthwhile. I also love planning what I'm going to wear so that I can make sure my luggage is as light as possible and making a packing list so I won't forget anything.
I'm really excited for my upcoming trips, including my trip to Greece this August. I've had a pretty busy spring already because of work, so it'll be nice to squeeze some leisure and relax.