Dog Beach

George Michael loves swimming, which is something my sister discovered when he ran into a pond to chase after some geese as a puppy. Since then, he's been in his best friend Baxter's pool several times and he loves to dip his feet in the creek when we go on hikes.

I thought a trip to the beach was long overdue so we decided to take advantage of the warm weather we've been having, as well as the off-season dog-friendly beach at Asbury park, and went "down the shore" for a day.
Dogs are allowed only in the early mornings and evenings during the high season. But between October and mid-May, they're allowed all day. We parked at a small lot just off of Ocean Avenue, which was free. There was also plenty of metered street parking.

George Michael had an amazing time and despite the overcast weather, there were a bunch of other dogs on the beach too.
He tested the waters a bit, but I think he was just too scared of the waves and maybe it was a bit too chilly. He did seem to enjoy dipping his feet. We were also a bit nervous to let him off his leash at first, but he was a rockstar. GM behaved so well and impressed us.
We enjoyed a picnic lunch. GM gobbled his own meal down and then spent the rest of the time bothering us for some of our sandwich.
I took a bunch of video clips and then turned them into a cute little video. It's mostly for my enjoyment, but how can you not smile watching GM have the best time ever?