DIY Puppy Step Stool

I love my little dog, but he has some annoying habits. Every evening, when I'm getting ready to sleep, he asks to climb up into my bed. I help him in and we fall asleep together. Then, in the middle of the night, for whatever reason, he'll get up and leave. I don't know what he does because I'm asleep; I suspect either going for a wee or a drink or maybe to play with toys. Actually, sometimes I know what he does. He gets up to bark at whatever apparition he sees outside.

Anyway, after he's finished his little jaunt, he comes back and cries because he can't jump up into the bed. It wouldn't be so bad, but when I get up to reach for him, he backs up and I have to uncomfortably lean out of my bed to reach for him or worse, I have to get up and out of bed to help him. If I don't help him, he will cry for hours.

As a solution to my sleep disturbing pup, I decided I needed to get him some puppy stairs. Unfortunately, the cheaper options were rather ugly and I wasn't willing to spend much more than $20. So, I turned to my favorite option: DIY. I got a Bekvam stool for our kitchen a few years ago (which comes in rather handy since I'm "vertically challenged") and I thought it was the perfect base. So, on our last Ikea trip I bought another one to make GM his own little stairs.
You'll need:
Bekvam stool ($15)
scrap plywood 8" x 16", with notches cut out
½ yard sherpa fabric
staple gun
non-slip furniture dots
Basically, you want to use a piece of plywood to extend the bottom step (it's a little too small as is, at least for my dog). Nail or staple it into place. Then, staple the sherpa to the stool, folding and tucking as if you're upholstering furniture.
Stick some non-slip dots on the bottom of each leg to prevent it from sliding around and the step stool is all done.
Excuse the untidy nature of my bed. I wanted to demonstrate GM using the stairs but was too lazy to gussy up my bedding.
It's perfect for going up and it's also great for jumping down. I feel reassured by them because it's quite a height for GM to be jumping from and I don't want him to end up with joint pain when he gets older.
So cute, right?
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