72 Hours in Arizona: Video Diary

I basically slapped together this video the day I returned from Arizona. We landed half past noon, so when I got home, I basically had five hours before I had to start dinner so I occupied myself by editing photos and making this video diary.
I always love making these because I can relive the trip. As much as I love photography, I love the flexibility of videography and the interactive nature. I also think it's a more fun way to share my trip with others; I mean, there's definitely a limit to the number of photos I can force someone to look at but a video under ten minutes requires almost no coaxing.

Honestly, watching this video makes me excited to go back. There's definitely much more to Sedona than we got to see and I'd love to go south of Phoenix to Tuscon and see the Saguaro National Park so I can take some selfies with those cartoonish cacti.