Jour 5 Nice: Marché Cours Saleya

Our third city, our third market. We hit up a market in every city (except Paris, as you will soon find out; wait, you just found out right now) and all of them were similarly charming. Lyon's market was full of amazing foods (duh, they're known for food). Annecy's market had a country-vibe. And Nice, well Nice's market is known for its flowers. So, if you're a flower-lover, you'd best head on over. But just to window shop, because this market is kind of stupidly expensive. It's a tourist trap, but probably one of the prettiest tourist traps ever.
Marché Cours Saleya is located on a street called Cours Saleya, funnily enough. It's open everyday at 6AM except Monday and they close up early on Sundays (13:30).

You'll find dozens of vendors selling lovely bouquets, garden plants, and even cacti.
The smell is intoxicating, but don't forget to take an allergy pill!

Check out these weirdo brain cacti!
This little sign is advertising a spring festival, I think, which was in April, so we missed it.
No matter because the market was fun even without party decor and/or music.
These lovely soaps again. Yes, I sucked up another half a bar of soap up my nose.
I'm about to say something that might sound a little crazy but I don't like flowers. I mean, I do. I think they're pretty and they smell nice, blahblahblah. But I only appreciate them for a few seconds when they're blooming outside. Don't go bringing me a bouquet. I feel like it's kind of rude! The flowers are outside, minding their own business, beautifying Mama nature, helping bees make honey... and then here comes some monster to chop them down so they can sit in a glass container to die. I'm sorry! I know they're great decoration and they're going to die eventually anyway but I just, I can't.
But when it comes to peonies, I am smitten. If I could get rid of all the grass in my yard and plant peonies, I would.
We were all wondering if this blue was real or if they fed the flowers blue food coloring. Either way, it's gorgeous.
Pivoines! Yeah, more peonies!
Oh, and I love hydrangeas! We have a hydrangea bush in our front yard and I love it.
Les herbes.
Yeah, so there are lovely flowers everywhere but there's also some other good stuff. Like these jellied candied fruit things.
And how about these marzipan pigs?
How about squash blossoms?
Okay, some more flowers.
How about lavender in lavender satchels?
L'Olivier is a shop that sells olive trees and olive oil.
I fell in love with this cutie! If George Michael and his friend Baxter had a baby, this is what he'd look like (according to my sister). He was so cute!
When he started to walk away, I wanted to cry. Don't turn around, cuz you're gonna see my heart breaking. Don't turn around, I don't want you seeing me cry. Just walk away. It's tearing me apart that you're leaving. I'm letting you goooo, but I won't let you know. Ace of Base anyone?
FYI, these aren't fish, they're chocolates. How cute is that?
I wish I could've bought every single one of these bulk teas. They were so pretty, but like I mentioned above, I think they were overpriced. And I don't enjoy tea enough to pay €6 for a little satchel. But, it was fun to look.
These colored sugars were also to die for.
And how about these spices?
And these flavored salts?! Duck salt for duck? Green cactus salt for your margaritas? White wine salt for chicken? Black truffle salt for everything?!
How about pink rose salt? Apparently it's good for red meats, tarts, carpaccio, raw fish, cooked, foie gras, paté...
How about rose salt without the salt? So basically just dried roses? Yeah, how pretty. I don't know if these are for eating or for potpourri but they're cute.
So after all of that goodness, we settled on a chewy baguette for breakfast, go figure. I hope you enjoyed that little stroll through the market with me.