Jour 4 Nice: Promenade du Paillon

The day we arrived in Nice (via train) the weather was dreary. It was overcast and gloomy but with our lucky weather streak, we were blessed with a lack of rain. So, after we checked into our hotel, we set to exploring.
We just kind of made our way towards the Vielle Ville. We didn't really have a destination in mind; we were just looking to check out the town a little and kill some time before dinner.

We walked down a popular shopping street (also where the tram runs) and ended up at Place Massèna. The colors were stunning, though it reminded me a bit of South Beach (Miami).
Despite the not-so-nice looking weather, there were plenty of people walking around.
I have a little flip up screen on my camera that I like to use for selfies but often times, it makes us look a little crazed, as we're just barely not making eye contact with the lens.
3... 2... 1...
We encountered this weird little misty area, which seemed strange on that particular day, but I can imagine how lovely this would feel on a super hot and sweaty day in the middle of July.
I was cracking up at these statues, to be honest. Not for any other reason except the fact that their limbs and bodies were cut off where they were supposed to meet the water, but because the water level was just a few inches lower, they looked extra ridiculous.
Again with the dogs off their leashes! This little cutie came up to say hello and my heart pretty much just plopped out of my chest and onto her face. I'm a big sucker for French bulldogs, Boston terriers, and pugs so this little baby was a big winner. She was walking obediently alongside her owner but ran up to say hi! I think she sensed that we were dog lovers.
We did a bit of window shopping and I found these macaron-shaped soaps! I got in trouble for taking this photo so I'm posting it with extra oomph! I mean, otherwise, the embarrassment I endured in the shop will go to waste.
There's an olive oil store called Olivier and they were selling these cute little olive trees. We didn't buy them due to inconvenience as well as the fact that U.S. Customs doesn't allow you to bring foreign plants into the country.
We had about three hours until dinner time and our tummies were a-rumblin' so we stopped by this little pub (which smelled like a frat house, re: beer soaked floor smell) and got ourselves some drinks and some grub.
They had tapas so we got ourselves some snacks. They weren't anything special but the did hit the spot.
Here we are trying to figure out what else we could do to kill time.
We ended up walking around the old town a little (and took photos of people's laundry hanging outside to dry) but then we ended up at a playground.
So this playground is actually relatively new. It's a part of the Promenade du Paillon, which itself is a part of a greater goal to make Nice a nicer (ha) place.
Despite being "grown ups" we had so much fun playing on this playground because of how cute it is. I mean, I've never been on an American playground this fun in my entire life. Doesn't that say something? I think as babies, you can have fun with a cardboard box so any sort of playground seems amazing. But here I am, as a boring old adult and I think that this place is magical.
I don't know if it's just how charming the wooden aquatic-themed pieces are.
Or maybe it's the 'Wipe-Out' style obstacle course.
Or the fact that you can pretend to be the captain of your own ship.
Maybe playgrounds in France are just inherently more fun.
Oh, to be a kid again!
We ended up working up a really big appetite, running around on this playground like freaks. Which was a good thing because we put our empty tummies to use at Bistro Saint Louis.

So yeah, that's what we did with our half day in Nice. We did much cooler things on our full day which I will happily be sharing soon.