Theodore Roosevelt National Park Part 2

Welcome to Part 2 of my trip to TRNP! Like I mentioned a few days ago in my first post, I took so many pictures and that's why I've split the trip into two blog entries. I share two new animal encounters and some other cool stuff so scroll down for more!
I didn't see wild horses running across the pastures, unfortunately, but I did catch this little guy all by his lonesome self. Wild horses look weird to me. I'm not that familiar with horses but I thought he looked kind of skinny but sort of muscular but he also has that weird potbelly thing going on. I don't know! Is he healthy?

Like I said, the North Dakota Badlands are much more colorful, more vegetated, and really beautiful.
I made use of my self-timer a few times to try and get a jumping photo. I probably tried eight to ten times and this was the only somewhat successful shot. If you're wondering, I'm wearing a light pink tank top. That's not my bare stomach, looking a sickly not-real-skin color. I'm sharing a blooper just below the only successful jumping shot. All the rest basically look like I'm squatting or that I'm reeling backwards from getting slapped in the face by my own hair.
Besides the bison, prairie dogs, and lone wild horse, I also saw some sort of deer. He didn't want to turn around for the photo so I kept hollering and eventually he turned his head, which I thought was nice.
This guy was hanging out next to the railing so I got a pretty good closeup shot. He was actually scratching an itch on his chin with the wooden post, which I wish I'd caught on video, but I didn't. My bad! Still, I love this shot. I mean, look at that face.
I know the shot below is really blurry - because I had to use the pathetic super zoom on my baby digital camera (just a reminder, I didn't have my CSC with me) but I saw baby bison and I had to try and get these snaps! There are two baby bison that are nursing in the photo below. How cute is that?!
Because of the failed self-timer jumping shots, I stuck to selfies after that. If you're wondering, I had my glasses on so that my eyesight would be extra keen for animal spotting.
I fell in love with these weirdo rock formations. They reminded me of mushrooms, really geometric mushrooms. Look at the squared tops sitting on top of cubes. Cute, right?
Oh! And check this creeper out! I was driving and I saw a minivan up the road that was pulled over and everyone had climbed out of the car and they were taking photos left and right. I slowed down and saw what I thought was a striped rock. Turns out, it was a rib cage. How creepy and cool is that?
So, that was my trip. I really enjoyed it. There isn't much around here so I don't know that I'd make a trip to North Dakota specifically for this park, but if you're in the area or you get an opportunity to go, I say seize it!
On an unrelated note, when I got back to my hotel, my coworker had made me an awesome dinner. He's from Tennessee and he's a heck of a cook, man. He made an entire rack of ribs, all for me, along with some collard greens and a baked potato. It was crazy delicious and the perfect end to my day.
This guy is giving me the stinkeye though. He thinks I should go vegetarian. Sorry, bud!