My Beach Bag

my beach bag

I thought it might be somewhat helpful to show what I like to bring to the beach with me. Most of this stuff is packable in my carry on, which is awesome, so it's relevant to tropical holiday-faraway trips. But, it also applies to day trips to any nearby shore.
  1. I like to use this collapsible shopper tote from Forever21 because it packs easily into my suitcase, it's cheap yet durable, and I don't mind if I get sand in it.
  2. SPF! Please, please, please, protect yourself when you go into the sun. I really like buying products meant for babies because there are (usually) fewer chemicals that will hurt your skin so I usually get a baby sunscreen for my face, then a high SPF spray sunscreen for my body, and of course, some SPF chapstick for my lips.
  3. Evian mist isn't just great for hydrating your face during a dry plane ride. It's multi-functional! Who knew? (SARCASM). Cool yourself off and hydrate your skin after being in the sun.
  4. Baby powder is great if you've driven yourself to the beach because when you're ready to leave and you have sand stuck to your feet, just poof on some powder. The baby powder will absorb any moisture that's making the sand stick to you and you'll be able to brush it off really quickly and easily.
  5. After sun lotion and/or aloe are also great to bring along with you. Slather yourself after sunning to cool down your skin and replenish some moisture.
  6. Always bring a pareo or a cover-up dress in case you have to venture off the beach to get food or to use if it starts to get a bit cooler or windy. And of course, waterproof, comfy flip-flops are the best beach shoe, at least for me.
  7. Pack a sun hat and sunglasses to protect the top of your head and eyes because it's pretty difficult to sunscreen your scalp and eyeballs.
  8. If you're staying at a resort, don't forget to grab a towel from the towel cabana. I usually grab 2 - one for spreading on my beach chair or on the sand and a second to use to dry off after I've taken a swim.
  9. Trashy magazines are a MUST for me on the beach. I love to lounge around and indulge in vapid articles about the best hairstyles for Black Friday shopping and which celebrity is boinking their assistant.
  10. WATER! This is not something you pack in your carry on, obviously. But when you are headed to the beach, pack some water. It's really important to stay hydrated so that you don't end up suffering heat exhaustion or heat stroke.
I am getting quite excited for Puerto Rico, Part 2! I'm flying out on Thursday morning and I am so ready to get some sun. Apparently, the tan I can achieve by spending a week in Provo AND 3 months in Florida will fade rather quickly so I feel quite pale and sad.


  1. Lovely!! Evian mist feels great when I'm hungover lol I love it. Have an awesome time in PR!! <3


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