Airport Etiquette: Metal Detector

How careful are you when you're getting dressed to go to the airport (as a traveler, not as a chauffeur)?
Honestly, setting off the metal detector is not just about holding up the line for others. You're delaying yourself and potentially putting yourself in a touchy-feel-y situation that wouldn't have been necessary if you'd just paid a bit more attention in the first place.

Not all metal will set off the metal detector but it's better to be safe than sorry so:
  1. Do not wear clothing that's studded or has a bunch of zippers or any type of similar metal embellishment. Make sure your undergarments are also un-embellished. Some people are less demure than others, but I know I'd be pretty embarrassed to have to admit, "I think it's my underwear that's setting off the beeping."
  2. Wear something that doesn't require a belt. Or, leave the belt off until you've made it through security. Many belt buckles will set off the alarm, and even if it doesn't, most TSA agents will remind you before you step through the metal detector and ask you to take it off anyway.
  3. Even if you are crazy in love with jewelry, pack it up in a case and put it all on after you've been through security. If setting off the metal detector isn't enough of a case, let me scare you by reminding you that it could fall out of the little tray while it's traveling along the conveyor belt and you may lose your precious jewelry.
So that's it; just three simple rules to follow to keeping everyone a little happier while going through security at the airport.