Miami Beach Transportation

So I'm doing lots of research on my transportation options in Miami Beach. I will have my rental car, but I'm an advocate of walking and taking public transportation when in a new city because dealing with the stress of parking and finding gas stations is quite stressful to me.

If I do decide to drive around, I have a list of affordable parking garages. Most are $1 per hour for the first 4 hours and then a $15 flat rate for the entire day.

Another option is to take a cab (estimate your fare here) but that would definitely add up for my small party of 2 people. However, if you have 4 people to cart around, it might end up being more economical to take the cab. For example, from my hotel to Espanola Way (8 miles or so) it's about $13, which, when divided between 4 people, is comparable to the bus fare.

But there is a bus stop right in front of my hotel (the Eden Roc) so I'm thinking of taking the bus for $2 per ride as well as the SoBe shuttle, which is only 50¢. There's an area of South Beach which is pretty dense with touristy photo opportunities so I'd spend $2 to get to that area and then maybe another $2 or so hopping around on the shuttle and then another $2 to get back to my hotel. The Metrobus accepts cash ($1 and coins but no pennies) which is convenient since you don't need to go and get a card somewhere. There are cards available, called EasyCards, as well as paper versions called EasyTickets. The EasyTicket might be a good option for a visitor who is going to use the bus a lot because there is a 1 day pass for $5.

I'll be using the Miami-Dade Transit Tracker App which is free and useful.

Of course, I'll report back with my findings once the holiday actually takes place.