Marriott Points & Miami

After 1 year (give or take a few weeks) of living out of a hotel in Baltimore, I've accrued almost 300,000 Marriott reward points, hoorah! And since I've stayed more than 75 nights so far this year, I am also an elite platinum member which means I get a few perks like free internet in the Marriotts that ask for payment for wifi (which is just sacrilege to me), cutting the line at check in, early check in and late check out (unless the hotel is majorly booked and can't spare the hours), free upgrade (when available), get greeted with some kind of gift, and other fun things like that.

I looked into converting my points into airline miles but it turns out the conversion rate isn't favorable and you end up "throwing away money" by doing so. And so I've decided that whenever possible, I will be staying at a Marriott.

Which brings me to my next announcement. Next week, I will be driving down to Miami (from my current location, which is West Palm Beach) for the weekend and staying at the Eden Roc Renaissance Resort & Spa in Miami Beach. It cost me 35,000 points for a night in an ocean view room (instead of $300+/night), it's an awesome looking, newly renovated resort with beautiful decor, lovely lounge areas (both inside and out), and is supposed to have excellent staff and service. Obviously, I'll judge that myself when I'm there next week though. It's in mid-beach so it's a 2 mile walk to the good stuff - like Lincoln Road Mall and Espanola Way, Versace House, and the well-known restaurants - but who doesn't need exercise? Anyway, I'm v. excited because my sister will be flying down to join me and I think we're going to have lots of fun.
looks fabulous, right?