san juan day 5

clam and mussel stew
Oii, I really let this blog go. Okay, this is the last post on San Juan so I should just get it done! On our last day we got lunch and went to the beach for a few hours before hopping in a cab and heading back to the airport. The beach was the usual so I'll highlight our last meal in San Juan. We went to Bar Gitano, a tapas place which was en route to the beach. We sat outside (which we ended up regretting because of the scorching sun and flies) and perused the menu. We settled on sharing the clam and mussel stew. It was really good! There were lots of hidden surprises, like chorizo, chick peas, pork belly, and even some blood sausage. We were given a skewer stabbing a few pieces of bread to soak up the juices (I wish we'd gotten more bread though).

So after our meal, we headed to the beach to get our last glimpse of blue water and clear skies before heading back to the hotel to pick up our bags and head to the airport.

And that's it. Five months after the trip, I've finished blogging about it.