I'm constantly on the lookout for smart travel bags. I never check bags (if I can help it) so I need a convenient bag (relatively portable) that can be packed efficiently. Currently, I use a small-ish beige bag from Barneys for pretty much everything; it's similar to the one pictured at the right except not as square (I can't find my exact bag online). It's small enough that it fits under airplane seats, which is nice on full flights where the overhead compartments fill up with non-regulation, over sized bags (hmph, overweight Americans with overweight luggage).

I also have an olive green Calvin Klein travel tote, like the one pictured left, that's relatively convenient as well. It doesn't always fit under the airplane seats (depends on the plane) but it's decently sized for a 3 to 4 day trip in the winter or a week+ long trip in the summer. It also has a nice little padded section for laptops.

And the third bag I turn to often, is a duffel from Victoria's Secret. It has the exact dimensions that are allowed for carry on bags. It's a no muss, no fuss bag because it doesn't have any interior pockets or padding but it fits a lot of stuff. I took this with me on my week and a half long holiday to Europe last year in November. It fit plenty of warm weather clothing comfortably.

However, all of these bags tend to get heavy and burdensome because I have to carry them over my shoulder, and with my luck, my departure gate is always the furthest one away.

I do own a 22" rolling upright, but I never use it. It's the "tilt" kind, a.k.a. the kind that tips over when it's not packed 'just so' and that flips around when you're rolling through the airport in a hurry, which is probably one of the more embarrassing things that can happen in public (along with umbrellas turning inside out - my opinion, of course). I've been keeping my eye out for a tasteful and functional spinner. I like the 4 wheels that spin 360 degrees because you can push your luggage along (instead of tilting and pulling) and it doesn't really have much chance to tip over. I'm not a fan of the hard case kind because it reminds me of turtles (an animal that I find creepy, especially after this video) and I worry that it'll crack so I've been looking at soft case spinners.

I'm already pink with anticipation for the Missoni for Target collaboration (debuts September 13) and I really can't wait to see the luggage collection in person. I'm not too excited about the tote but the rolling luggage looks beautiful, functional, and from the photos, it seems to be a spinner. I'm going to do my best to get one, though, there's so much buzz about this collection, I'm already worried. I'm hoping that the bag is roomy and that the fabric is sturdy. Fingers crossed!