san juan day 3

Plaza del Mercado
On our third day in San Juan, we spent the morning getting some sun at the beach before heading to the Plaza del Mercado. It was within walking distance from the beach (convenient!) so we strolled over to sight see and get some lunch.

The market was located in a square in a huge building. There were little stalls with produce and a few with fast food and smoothies. We didn't buy anything, but it was still fun to walk around and peruse.

For lunch, we headed right across the street to Tasca el Pescador, after a quick yelp search. We decided to sit outside (of course) and ordered a bunch of delicious food. The waiter was really friendly and helpful and walked us through the specials menu (which was written entirely in chicken scratchy Spanish).
chicken empanadillos

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to rest a bit but in the evening, we decided to head back out to the Plaza again. The ambiance in the evening was v. different. Neither of us brought cameras with us because we didn't want to be inconvenienced with bulky bags or risk getting anything stolen. I took a few grainy photos with my phone though. We got ourselves some frozen cocktails from Fat Tuesday's as well as some fries since we didn't eat dinner. They were yummy and we earned some mardi gras beads!
i'm double fisting!
she's double fisting!

my pile of beads!
We were allowed to drink outside until 23:00 but after that, we were shooed inside - I guess it's a law down there. Anyway, we had a great time dancing and drinking and though we were a bit apprehensive about walking around the city at night (with the countless warnings we received before our departure), the area of the city we were in seemed completely safe and easy and we had no issues.