san juan day 2

As guests of the Doubletree Hilton, we were allowed to utilize the facilities at a sister hotel, La Concha Resort, which was located right on the beach. The front desk gave us a "permission slip" and we were on our way. After a short walk (15 minutes), we had arrived in paradise. It was one of the coolest, fanciest, spa-like hotels I've ever seen. We immediately fell in love with the place the second we stepped inside.
dining/relaxation area

infinity pool
cabana area (love the palm trees)
infinity pool (part 2)
testing out the ocean


mahi mahi
After a bit of sunning and relaxing, we decided to get lunch. We headed over to Bebo's Cafe. We'd read some yelp reviews raving about the mofongo, and neither of us had ever tried, so that was on the agenda. We were also both craving some seafood (after having dipped our feet in the ocean) so after perusing the menu, we decided on the mahi mahi with rice and beans and a side of the plain mofongo.
rice & beans
We asked the waitress for some advice regarding portion size, and though she said the mahi mahi was small, we decided to share anyway. What we ordered ended up being plenty of food for us and we were stuffed.

After lunch, we headed back to the hotel to relax at the pool again. We fell asleep in the warm sun for an hour or so and woke up to find ourselves lying in the shade (as the sun was starting to set). We headed back up to our room and got ready to venture out again. We'd done some extensive yelp research on day 1 to compile a list of places to eat and for dinner on day 2, we'd decided on Kasalta. It was a short walk (just a block away from La B de la Burro) and one of the only restaurants we saw all trip that had a parking lot.
per-lb salads
After walking around and trying to figure out how the ordering system 
worked here, we decided to just order a few things from the per-lb salad area (since we were still pretty full from lunch). The food was really good, except for one small incident where we discovered that a few of the mussels hadn't been cleaned properly (they're supposed to remove the "beards"). The meal was delicious nonetheless, and really reasonably priced.
fresh bread!
shrimp salad
mussels salad
beards! :(

Afterwards, we scurried home once again, as it was starting to get dark and we were still scaredy cats.