new destinations: 2 Week Euro Trip

I'm off on one last hurrah before I dive headfirst back into reality and adult life; I've accepted a job that will be starting in January so this little Europe trip will probably be my final big vacation for at least a few months.
I'm going to a couple of old favorites and adding three new countries to my repertoire. I don't want to share my exact itinerary just yet, because I have the basic skeleton scheduled but there is some flexibility built in and things might change a bit.

Here's what I'm packing:
There's going to be a lot of mixing and matching and maybe one or two outfit repeats because I wasn't going to try and pack 16 discrete outfits, especially because I'm doing quite a bit of city hopping. Everything fits into a carry on bag.

I'm extra excited because this year is the 10 year anniversary of the trip I took to Europe after graduating university (though, to be fair, it's closer to 11 years at this point because I was there in January 2009) and I'm going with the same friend. London and Paris were both on the docket back then as well so it'll be nice to redo those places together with a more adult budget instead of surviving solely on cheese sandwiches from Pret-A-Manger.

Here's my map:

Catch ya on the flippety flip!