10 Days in Chile | 1 Week in Santiago: Day 4

Unfortunately for me, I got to Santiago just as storm clouds were passing through and it rained for a bunch of the days I was there and though I did manage to do a lot of stuff, the rain did ruin a couple of my plans.
It didn't seem like a rainy day when I woke up and got ready but by the time I left the house around 9, the clouds were starting to roll in.

My first activity of the day was to visit one of the largest cemeteries in Latin America. I read the little plaque coming in that said it's estimated that 2 million people are interred here. I was particularly touched by the memorials dedicated to the "disappeared detainees" from Pinochet's disgusting regime. (I had really wanted to visit the Museo de la Memoria y los Derechos Humanos which is dedicated to the people hurt by Pinochet but I learned too little too late that you have to book an English tour in advance.)
One of the rules of photography in the cemetery is to avoid showing names, which makes sense so I've done my best to only share the photos that are respectful to the people and the rules.
I know it's kind of creepy to wander around a cemetery but this place is full of history. There are several former presidents of Chile buried here and a few other famous people (whose names I did not recognize) and it's full of culture. It's also a national monument and worth visiting. Plus, there were several locals exercising here (running, riding bikes, walking dogs) so I assume that Chileans treat this cemetery more like an enjoyable park than a spooky spot.
It started to drizzle a bit while I was here, which made the ambiance all the better for me. I know, I'm such a weirdo. I just really like the adrenaline rush of being a little bit scared and freaked out. I ended up spending about 2 hours walking around the cemetery.
By the time I'd finished up at the cemetery, I was hungry so I headed back in to the center of town to hit up a well-known spot for lunch.
In my desire to eat some real, local cuisine (after yesterday's complete betrayal with Korean food), I ordered a chacarero, which is a sandwich with beef, tomato, green beans, and chiles, and the Galindo ale. Though this wasn't a mindblowing meal by any standard, it was delicious and it hit the spot.
For dessert, I hit up Emporio La Rosa, known for its unique flavors. I got a scoop of the miel de ulmo which is a luxe honey from Patagonia reputed to be amazing for your health due to its antimicrobial properties. It was deliciously floral and sweet and the texture of the gelato itself was divine and perfectly smooth.
As it started to rain pretty heavily, I sought shelter at the artisan's market by the Santa Lucia metro stop.
I ended up buying a pair of earrings (negotiated down to $7,000 CLP from $8,500 CLP) and a few fuzzy llama figurines made with real llama hair.
After the market, I ran to the metro and headed back to the apartment. By the time I got back, the sun was shining again so I went back out to enjoy the sunshine.
Because it was so chilly, I decided to hit up a coffee house. I ended up at Central Friends, which is modeled after Central Perk from the television show, Friends, which should be fairly obvious if you've ever seen the show before.
I got a chai tea latte and a slice of tres leches cake. The cake was just okay, but the tea was pretty fantastic. I hadn't indulged in a chai tea since I went to India in February and this one totally hit the spot.
After my snack, I tried to walk back to the apartment but then it started downpouring so I ended up grabbing an Uber back. By the way, I should mention that Uber is illegal in Santiago so I helped out the drivers by always sitting in the front so that we could just look like friends instead of me sitting in the back like a taxi passenger. Also, Uber is super affordable and safer than the taxis (whose drivers try to scam the tourists) so I highly recommend taking an Uber instead of a cab.

Anyway, once I got back to the apartment, I made dinner, which consisted of Thai-style rice noodles that I forgot to snap a photo of, and then the three of us just chilled out together. I think this might've been my most productive day of the entire trip.