2 Weeks in India | 72 hours in New Delhi: Day 3 & Video Diary

Our final day in Delhi started the same as the previous two: with breakfast.
It was actually a little bit overcast, which J and I were excited about because the sun really killed us the day before.

Our first stop was a step well. It's free to enter and it's pretty cool. I highly recommend going early in the morning when there aren't too many people around. I also highly recommend dabbing a little peppermint oil under your nose before you go down towards the bottom because it's pretty stinky.
After the step well, we hopped in an uber and ventured to a part of town we hadn't yet explored. We went way south to look at some ruins and some more tombs. Tomb raiders, at it again. It was pretty cool and it was free so it's definitely worth a jaunt if you're into ancient structures.
Adjacent to the archaeological park is Qutub Minar. We had to pay ₹500 ($7.50) to get in. Was it worth it? Meh. I mean, it was cool but considering we only paid ₹200 to see Safdarjang's Tomb, which I much preferred, it seemed steeply priced.
I still had fun here regardless of the admission cost but it was just so boiling hot, I was struggling.
Because we were heading off on a road trip the next day, D tasked us with buying snacks so we ended up back at Khan Market. We picked up some gummy bears, Pringles, and chocolate digestives.
And because we were hungry, J and I got some cup noodles to enjoy for lunch.
I ate my noodles whilst Instagramming and watching some crap on Netflix and then ended up falling asleep. I'm telling you, the sun is like an energy suck.
Once D got home, we decided we didn't feel like doing anything too strenuous to get dinner since we had a v. early morning wake up call time so we just ate dinner in the hotel restaurant. The Indian food we'd had at dinner the night before was so good compared to the hotel restaurant's fare so all of us ended up opting for Western food options so we wouldn't be disappointed. D and I had pasta primavera, which was actually really good, while J went for a club sandwich. We also shared some fried shrimp, which hit the spot too.

Here's my video diary: