DIY: Turn a Dress into a Jumpsuit

I'd purchased a dress online a while ago because it was super cheap but when I tried it on, it gave me Pilgrim/Pioneer vibes. I had gotten it to wear to work, since I figured a midi dress would be good and appropriate for the office but it was a bit too conservative - on the side of ugly conservative - so I decided I would turn it into a work-appropriate jumpsuit.
This isn't exactly a tutorial because it will really depend on the piece you're starting with. But, I have some guidelines and tips to share.

You'll need:
dress you don't much care for
a pair of shorts that fit you (and that you enjoy the fit of)
sewing machine (or needle & thread)
thread in suitable color
ruler/measuring tape

So here's the 'before' photo. Excuse my messy room and my laundry basket and yoga ball. Anyway, as you can see, this dress gave off serious prairie vibes. It was a bit too long for me and the shape wasn't doing anything for my body.
Even though the fit was less than stellar, I think that this style of dress made for a perfect jumpsuit. This dress had a side zip, which meant it would be easy to get in and out of, and because the skirt was on the fuller side, there was plenty of material to play with. I definitely recommend altering a dress with a fuller skirt - not one with a pencil or A-line because you might not have enough material to fit around each leg. Although, maybe I'm just projecting because I have huge thighs.
I cut out the lining inside and then I cut the skirt portion of the dress straight up the middle in the front and in the back. It helped that the fabric was striped and I was able to cut a nice straight line. If your fabric is not striped, I would recommend using a ruler and some fabric chalk to mark it up.
Then, I took a pair of shorts that I love and enjoy the fit of to cut out the legs and form the crotch. I also trimmed the legs down a bit and saved the excess material.
Then, I pinned the crotch and legs and sewed it up with a sewing machine. I also hemmed the bottoms of the legs.
As for the excess material, I used it to make a tie around the waist. I just sewed a piece to either side - so that the straps would be long enough to hang down nicely once tied.
Here's the 'after' shots.
I really like how it turned out. My sister said she hates the culotte length, but they're perfect for wearing to the office. And, I can always fold up the legs and pin them in place for a temporary romper effect if I wanted to wear these on the weekend.