Summer Holiday Shopping

Despite my summer holiday being ages away, I got kind of excited and gave my credit card a bit of a workout. I bought some new pieces for the trip that I thought would be comfortable in extreme heat but still pack well and be versatile enough to wear on the beach and to dinner.
(By the way, this blog is my hobby and not my job, so I don't use affiliate links. I'm just here to spread what I like and what I know.)

Forever 21 embroidered dress | Somedays Lovin one piece (similar) | Asos playsuit
H&M lace up sandals (similar) | Free People clogs |  Forever 21 sandals

A few of the items I shared above are ones I picked up at Nordstrom Rack so they're not readily available online. I really love bargain shopping because scoring a deal makes me super happy so I buy a lot of seasonal clothing in the off season when it's on super clearance (meaning I'll buy summer clothes in the winter and winter clothes in the summer).

I consider several things when I'm packing my summer wardrobe and I want to walk you through my thought process.

First off, I pick a theme. For my trip to London and Greece, I'm going for a laidback vibe and focusing on lots of white with blue accents (as a nod to the Greek flag and the architecture of the islands) and palm print (because it's luxe and holiday-appropriate).
Once I decide on my theme, I wade through my clothes to find ones that fit the bill. Then, out of the pile I generate (I own an embarrassing amount of clothing; like, way too much for a nerdy engineer who spends 70% of her life at a desk in NJ) I pick out all of the clothes that are made of comfortable, breathable fabrics like cotton, silk, linen, etc. Natural fabrics are definitely the way to go, especially if you're headed somewhere toasty. Avoid synthetics like polyester, which won't allow your skin to breathe and will trap in the heat and make you sweat even more in the hot sun.

Next, I consider the versatility of each piece. On trips when I know I'll be spending 80% of my time lounging in a swimming costume, I like to pack pieces that can be worn as a swim coverup and still be comfortable for dining out. The swim coverup part means that it needs to slip on easily over a still damp suit. The dining out part means that it needs to be cute enough that I'm not self-conscious.
After that, I make sure it passes the "does it pack easily?" test. I need an easy wardrobe (nothing too complicated with too many straps or zippers or what have you) that won't wrinkle too badly.

The last step is to try the clothes on to (make sure it still fits and) make sure I like how it looks.
I'm seriously itching for this trip to Greece. I might have to plan something in the interim because 4 months is a long time.