DIY Sleeveless Turtleneck Dress

I've been trying to pick up sewing as a hobby. I took a sewing class in seventh grade and that is literally the last time I had used a sewing machine up until two weekends ago. I decided to start with a really easy project and I hopped on my sister's machine and cranked out a dress. I love the idea that I can make something myself, not only as a cost-saving measure but also as a way to customize something that I like. Because seriously, half the time that I'm shopping, I see items of clothing that I would absolutely love if one little element was different. So, if I get good enough at sewing, I should be able to remedy that, right?

I saw a turtleneck midi dress from Forever 21 that looked like an easy enough dress to try and emulate and it was basic enough that it seemed like a great first project. And obviously, F21's price point is super affordable, but a couple of yards of grey fleece at less than $5 a yard is pretty hard to beat.
you'll need:
2 yards non-pill grey fleece
grey thread
sewing machine
measuring tape
fabric chalk or disappearing ink marker

I used fleece because it's a pretty forgiving fabric and it doesn't have to be hemmed. I did do a little hemming, but nothing too crazy. Plus, fleece has stretch to it, which meant I could easily make this a pullover dress.

To make this dress, you'll need to cut out two pieces for the back, one front piece, two pockets, and two pieces for the turtleneck. I measured myself and made the pieces pretty close to my own body shape because I wanted it to be a bit more form-fitting.
Start by hemming the armholes. Then, sew the pockets onto the right side of the front piece. Sew the two back pieces together. Sew the turtleneck.
Hem the bottoms of each piece. Then, place the front piece and back piece together (with the right side of each fabric touching each other) and then sew them together. Then, turn the turtleneck right-side-out and then sew it to the neck of the dress. Basically, when the dress is turned back right-side-out, the turtleneck should be inside-out; that way, when the turtleneck is folded over, the pretty part is facing out.
And here is the finished product! I definitely sewed my pockets a little bit too high, but that's okay. It's an easy fix (or maybe it would look better without pockets altogether).
It's a super comfy dress, it's soft and warm, and it's a great transitional piece for autumn.