DIY Travel First Aid Kit

I have a little first aid kit that I put together years ago. It's just a little plastic travel soap case from Target ($1) that I fill with my essentials. There are a bunch of items that I always keep in the case and then other medicines that I'll add, depending on the destination. I thought I'd share my kit with you, in case you're interested in making your own too.
You'll need:
plastic travel soap case (or any other small container that's durable and waterproof)
permanent marker

Okay, so start by grabbing your permanent marker and writing "First Aid" on the soap case. I suppose this step is optional, but it's helpful. That way, when you're in an emergency, you can say, "Hey! Grab the first aid kit out of my luggage!" And whoever you send to grab the kit will know exactly what he/she is looking at.
Then, just fill up the kit with everything you need. Tada! Done.
Here's what I like to put in my kit:
Here are some other suggested medicines:
And here are some other medicines that are a little more destination and person specific. It's mostly stuff for super-in-tune-with-nature areas and extreme sports-y trips.
It's important to stay healthy and safe on your travels! I have never studied medicine so please check with actual medical professionals for expert advice. I recommend checking with the CDC and your doctor for the best ideas on how to stock your personal kit.
Happy travels!