Holiday Gift Guide 2013

Welcome to December! I hope everyone had a lovely holiday. Did anyone go Black Friday shopping? I only ever go if I need something electronic, like a GPS, television, external hard drive, etc. but I've already got all of those so I just ignored the madness and slept in like a normal human.
racheerachh 2013 holiday gift guide

I thought I'd just put together a quick gift guide. Honestly, this is more like a personal wishlist for myself and I just fashioned it into a gift guide-style format. I feel like this makes me look like I have multiple personalities or something; I'm just a multi-faceted person with many hobbies and loves.For the...
  • techie [cool usb sticks | cable organizers] - I love browsing sites like tech.woot and thinkgeek for creative and unique gifts for the technology-obsessed friends on my list.
  • bookworm [drippy bookmark | pig bookends | eyeglasses bookmark] - Though I find reading e-books super convenient, I still love the old fashioned way. Since it can be difficult to pick out a book for someone and gift cards are too impersonal and boring, shop for bookmarks and bookends.
  • caffeine addict [glass teapot | glass mugs | loose leaf tea] - I'm not a daily caffeine drinker but I love sitting down with a delicious pot of tea on lazy weekend mornings. For the coffee/tea drinkers in your life, might I suggest a nice french press (a gold one for flair) or a pretty tea set?
  • sparkler [heart ring | bow ring | charm necklace] - What girl doesn't enjoy a little bling? Are people still saying "bling?" Anyway, Asos, DailyLook, and H&M are three of my favorite sites for browsing cool but affordable jewelry.
  • beauty guru [essie polish | lime crime lipstick] - Nail polish is one of the easiest gifts for your makeup freak friends; hand cream and beauty oils are also awesome and universally enjoyed. Just browse Sephora or Ulta for inspiration.
  • chef/hostess [salt cellar | cheese board] - My favorite home-related sites: World Market, Sur La Table, cb2, and H&M; all of these sites have really cool good and they are affordable.
  • pet lover [dog coat | cat toys] - Some people, including myself, are super in love with their pets and if you're having a difficult time coming up with a gift idea, just buy something for their dog/cat/fish/what have you. Besides PetSmartTarget's $1/$3 section often has dog coats so that's a good place to browse.
  • homebody [unicorn slippers | diptyque candle | fur throw] - I'm sure I'm not the only person who'd rather sit at home in pajamas watching crap television than go out. Am I? Comfortable items (slippers, robes, blankets) and comforting items (yummy candles, hot chocolate, Enya) are awesome for the introverts in your life.
  • fashionista [clear clutch | gel insoles] - It's not the easiest thing to shop for fashion fanatics but it can be done. Stick to accessories and you're golden: bags, hats, knee socks, something that fits the theme of the person you're shopping for.
  • lush [decanter | wine rack] - I'm not a huge drinker but I think it's nice to have a little bar set up because it looks pretty and it's nice for when guests come over. For your lushy drinker friends, I'd suggest some pretty barware, stemware, and/or pretty bottle stoppers. It's a bit more creative than showing up with a bottle of wine; plus, it'll last longer.
Confession: I actually ordered those unicorn slippers and the pig bookends. Both are adorable; the slippers are so comfortable and the bookends are really nice. I love them both!

Happy shopping and good luck in the malls this season.