Key West

I'm back from Provo! I'm still in relaxed, lazy vacation mode so I'm not quite ready to do the meaty posts on my holiday yet. I've just uploaded the photos to my computer and I have to sort them and edit and plan my posts and all that jazz so today, I'm just sharing a few photos from my day trip to Key West (which is a 4 hour drive from West Palm Beach).
giant lobster in Islamorada

mermaid statue for sale at the Rain Barrel Artisan Village in Islamorada
fish sandwich at Caroline's in Key West

this rooster was just walking around town

bought my first pair of Crocs that don't really look like Crocs (because of the massive amounts of rain turned my flip flops into useless slippery surfboards)
visited some puppies at a pet store

southernmost house or hotel or something

the Southernmost Point
delicious orange sorbet and coconut ice cream from Flamingo Crossing

and this is what Key West looked like when I left: FLOODED