electronics on the beach

So for my upcoming trip to Puerto Rico, I'm concerned about having electronics and valuables on the beach. If my friend and I want to take a quick dip in the water, we'll have to take turns, or try and come up with a way to keep our electronics and valuables safe.

There's the option of using ziploc bags to keep our things safe or something like this waterproof container. Here are some pricier options from Good Housekeeping.

Anyway, it's something to think about. San Juan is a resort town, but Puerto Rico in general can be a bit seedy and every town has a shady area so who knows? There might be some sticky-fingered lurkers on the beach hoping for tourists to leave their items unattended, even for just a second.


  1. I am alwayssss so paranoid about this!!! I am so OCD about keeping my eyes on my stuff whilst swimming, even though, if I did see someone snatch my bag, I wouldn't be able to run in the water (I picture a horrible panicking slow-motion running in water scene with me screaming and cursing hahahaha)

  2. i do the same thing with the horrible panicking slow-motion running, haha! and i always imagine other beach goers being extra useless by just standing and watching and being in the way instead of helping me chase the m.f-er down!


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