holiday travelling

Happy Christmas! (to the Santa lovers) and Happy Holidays! to the rest of you.

I personally avoid travelling during the holidays. I assume that traffic en route to the airport will be a huge hassle, airfares will be sky high, and there's always the risk of being grounded due to snow.

If you have to travel during this hectic season to go home, then your options will most definitely be limited and you may be forced to pay an arm and a leg to book flights. However, if you're just trying to book some sort of tropical getaway or ski bunny trip or if you're just trying to get your family out of the house, then here's something you can try.

I found a site that's similar to kayak called Sherman's Travel. It's basically a travel search engine but it gets a little more personal. There are a bunch of linked blogs with things like "Daily Deals" and "The Savvy Flyer" that help you find discounts. There are also travel guides and hotel reviews and trip ideas which can come in handy.