packing tips

I think the don't forget your toothbrush website is a useful tool to help you remember all the little things you'll need to bring with you on your holiday.

REMEMBER YOUR PASSPORT! That is v. important. DON'T LOSE YOUR PASSPORT! Pack this somewhere safe! When you're at the airport, have it accessible (not at the bottom of your bag locked in a safe) but when you're abroad and there's really no need for your passport, pack it somewhere safe (at the bottom of your bag locked in a safe).

Here are some tips for perfect packing. I recommend that you bring lots of neutral colored clothing so that it's easy to mix and match. I sort of consider myself a fashionista and see Paris as an opportunity to dress super chic and posh, but that's easily doable with neutrals! Wearing all black and some costume jewelry is definitely photo-worthy and easy.

I recommend packing things in ziplock bags (the huge 1.5 gallon ones) and pushing out the air before you seal it. That is a HUGE space saver!!!

Bring a camera, a journal, and whatever else you need to preserve your mini-break memories.

And of course, bring comfortable shoes!